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Funkrafts hanging multipurpose organizer - Pink

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Multipurpose Caddy                                                                                                         


* Dimension: 31.5"x 16.5" ( LxB )                                                                                        * The durable caddy has 16 transparent pockets to keep all the stationery material neatly together.
*Perfect to declutter study rooms or bedrooms.
* They offer an adorable home for all types of accessories that are otherwise easily lost.
* With such a pretty way to store the accessories, your little charmer may be willing to put them away herself/himself!                     

* Hanging organizer like this one is a great option and can add a decorative touch to the room.                                                                                                                                   

* Serves as a great gifting idea

* Best of all - It works in almost no space at all! Designed to fit on the back of most standard doors or on the wall. 
Hang It! Fill It! Organize It!