About Funkrafts

FunKrafts is the youngest, most pampered and only a decade-old baby of our founder, Ms. Niti Tandon. Born and raised with grit and curiosity, these two values reflect in our dynamic designs and consistent quality. Nightwear, hoodies, t-shirts, pyjamas, shorts and hair accessories, we sell it all for the little ones. Our ten years of journey has taught us a lot and we imbibe all that learning in our offerings. We ensure the clothing line we provide is absolutely comfortable to wear and incredibly gentle on skin, prioritizing what’s best for the kids. Each design by FunKrafts doesn’t happen by chance. We sit on it for days to freeze the most enjoyable prints that can potentially fuel your little ones’ curiosity. Aimed to serve as many mischievous minds as possible, we ensure our collection is priced affordably.

Our Story

“Hustling is in my DNA. Even when I was a little girl, I remember I never sat idle and was always up to something interesting! My Eureka moment arrived back in 2012, I found myself sitting listless in front of the TV. I gave this listlessness more thought and realized that my 7-year and 5-year young didn’t need me as much anymore. But, staying idle was not an option for me. Before this emptiness could plague me, my mind gave birth to my third child, Funkrafts.


And here comes the twist! What only started as a hobby, has turned into a full-fledged business. Our beginning was humble with a small boutique on a tiny e-commerce platform, which has progressed into the giant that is Hopscotch. The digitalization of commerce has come a long way. In 2012, it was at quite a nascent stage where selling goods online was deemed risky. However, I took the leap of faith, and followed my grit and curiosity towards the seemingly impossible. And today I am glad I took the plunge. We may have only started with hair accessories for little girls like my own but presently, FunKrafts is most mothers’ go-to for nightwear, hair accessories and even organisers.

Our story certainly had a small start of a mere capital of ₹10000 but we have successfully employed and empowered several women. Today our turnover nearly touches a crore and we aren’t stopping anytime soon."  - Niti Tandon, Founder, FunKrafts